It’s a new world for publishing fiction! I read the New York Review of Books religiously which has been the publishing industry’s most consistent advertiser for serious books. Major publishing houses in NY and especially university presses had long relied upon the NY Review to let book buyers know what’s new and available.

Today there’s a new kid on the block. Pages once filled with publishing trade names are now filled with so-called “independent presses.” And they have big, growing lists of publications. What are the “independent presses?” They’re simply what was once referred to derogatively as the “Vanity Press.” Where authors contributed money to get their works published. As the old model of publishing is falling out of vogue for financial reasons, self-publishing is exploding.

Now it’s easier than ever to employ a printer to produce your novel and put it on the Internet for sale. Not only is self-publishing overwhelming old-fashioned New York publishing, but just-in-time printing has made self-publishing affordable for just about every author. Stories abound in which famous authors are abandoning New York to publish themselves and achieve high commissions for their work. For those who are skeptical, I would like to remind them that the greatest works in world literature were self-published. The New and Old Testaments are the first that come to mind. Check out my latest novel, Destiny’s Children, recently published in the new medium. It’s working.