Most people would agree that politicians suffer from a universal sickness – hypocrisy. I submit that they suffer an even more significant disease—shortsightedness. They way people are elected in the world’s democracies narrows their views to the next coming election. Only statesmen who make good long-term decisions are far-sighted, and they, we all agree, are few and far between.

With a big, big heart Germany and France are opening their borders to “refugees” from the Middle East. And a strong new group they are! We normally think of refugees landing on a beach entreating the host country to accept them on humanitarian grounds. But these new arrivals from war-torn Syria and now Iraq are bi-passing intermediate poorer nations and targeting wealthy Germany and France, and eventually Great Britain, to accept them. They refuse refuge in all but their choice of new countries.

German and French authorities have elected not to be cruel and to open with big hearts these travelers. Who wouldn’t sympathize with escapees from rotten nations that have failed to provide their own people security? But by opening the heart, Europe is inviting not a relative few, but a tidal wave of new arrivals, and not just from Syria and Iraq, but from numerous failed nations around the world. And as the numbers of these new arrivals settle into their host nations, they will change the prevailing cultures. They come from tight tribal nations, making it a dream that they will imitate the warm, tender and tolerant hearts of their hosts.

At some point, this tidal wave will have to be stopped. And the cruelty avoided at the beginning will be affected later on. It isn’t a happy future. The only prevention for this process is a great improvement in nations from which the refugees flee. And that, we all know is not going to happen – at least not fast enough to create a most undesirable result.


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