We’ve become blasé about guns. Each month we learn of new killings, one more senseless than the next. There was a time in the country when good citizens were outraged and determined not to allow gun massacres to continue.

But in the Halls of Congress their voices became mute, largely because most people don’t believe they will themselves become victims of gun shots. So in place of outrage, we have silence. I estimate that there is one firearm for each citizen in the nation, and that’s over 300,000,000! And remember guns are not like cars which get old and become inoperable. No, all you need is a drop of oil and the weapon manufactured in 1875 is perfectly lethal. Eventually we junk old cars; but we never discard old firearms.

How about this. The federal government requires all gun owners to pass a gun safety course every two years. A full day of gun safety instruction. And who should teach these lessons? None other than the most visible and dedicated gun lovers in the country. The National Rifleman’s Association. Keep in mind that the NRA has long supported responsible gun ownership. Let members of this organization teach gun safety, and for their service they are entitled to a hefty fee. No federal bureaucracy, only staff, to guarantee that for this licensing, legitimate and worthy instruction is provided.

When using or transporting a firearm, there must be a valid safety certificate. Somewhat like carrying a driver’s license. In the absence of such a license, a law enforcement officer must confiscate the firearm(s). No ifs or buts.

This will not end gun violence in America. But it’s a start, and if it achieves nothing more, it will reduce gun accidents caused by ignorance of gun safety.

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