There are lots of tricks for writing series novels. Trick one is don’t blow out your brains on the first book. That means hold your characters back a little because you may want to draw upon them in future stories. It’s always good to enrich a character with multi-dimension personalities, but unless you believe you are truly finished writing about this character leave new dimensions for a different time. It’s a lot of fun to flush out an old character from a previous book and bring him/her to life in a new setting.

I have long felt that I sometimes tell the wrong story. Instead of following Character B I follow Character A. Then after writing about Character A,  I learn that Character B is really more interesting. And what does that mean? That Character B eventually makes more significant decisions (a significant decision is one whose consequences endure longer and affect more people). On retrospect, Character B might have been a more suitable and productive subject. But that, after all, is what make story writing so intriguing.

Starting with an clean piece of paper, a story could fly in multiple directions. And where you start will have a profound influence on where you end. I have a hard time starting because I must test several potential stories before commencing. And often, I don’t get it right and must pull out and begin afresh.

In a series novel there much background material waiting to be utilized anew.