Happy Children

A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children

Want your kids to be happy? If you're like most parents, it's your most fervent wish. But is this just a pipe dream? Or is happiness more substantive? Is it possible that parents can actually do something constructive to create Read More →
Ghost Sub Cover

Ghost Sub

Hiding in enemy waters during a secret mission, the U.S.S Amundsen, loaded with cruise missiles, is trapped under the polar icepack and faces Russian discovery. When inexplicable events occur during this fateful patrol, the crew question the skill and judgment Read More →

Rabbi Gabrielle’s Scandal (Book I)

Rabbi Gabrielle, a young female rabbi in Washington DC, is called upon to defend an accused rapist in court, imperiling her career. She must negotiate a hostile climate both in her synagogue and in the community, while attempting to live Read More →

A Kiss for Rabbi Gabrielle (Book II)

Rabbi Gabrielle succeeds the senior rabbi a Congregation Ohav Shalom and in this new role must perform a funeral for her favorite Bar Mitzvah boy, now a young man recently murdered in a remote Washington DC park. This death brings Read More →

Rabbi Gabrielle’s Defiance (Book III)

Rabbi Gabrielle continues her personal and professional odyssey, this time toying with running for a seat in Congress. In the process she becomes entangled with a Korean computer geek who operates a successful on-line political campaign website for underfunded, unknown Read More →

Rabbi Gabrielle Commits a Felony (Book IV)

A prized Torah scroll is stolen from Ohav Shalom. The FBI determines the event to be a "Hate Crime" and initiates an investigation. But Rabbi Gabrielle unearths clues into the theft that lead in another direction. While intensely active in Read More →

Customer Reviews

A Kiss for Rabbi Gabrille is one of the best books I've read, and I've read hundreds. The suspense mounted and carried you right through the book.

- Len

One finishes Destiny's Children with perhaps fiction's greatest reward, a lasting permanent understanding and appreciation of this period and location in America's ultimate unification.

- Kent

Destiny's Children's three main characters are immensely likable, and the challenges that they face are extraordinary and engaging. .

- Stephen

Roger Herst, a rabbi and a previously published and accomplished novelist, really knows about Jewish congregations, rabbinical politics, women's issues, and how to tell a great story.

- Bader

Mr. Herst has created a strong, intelligent, yet vulnerable character in Rabbi Gabby Lewyn. His insights into the politics and intrigues of a synagogue were of special interest to me.

- Mary