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Rabbi Gabrielle Ignites a Tempest (Book V)

Rabbi Gabrielle takes leave from her rabbinical duties to pursue a doctorate in biblical studies at the University of Chicago. She is summoned to Israel by the Director of Antiquities in Jerusalem when her scholarly live-in boy friend cannot be Read More →

Destiny’s Children: A Saga of Early California

In Destiny's Children, historian Roger Herst delivers a novel uniting east and west through the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and the convergence of two dramatically dissimilar families. Manchu artillery deserter Wong Po-ching survives execution, escapes to America, and makes Read More →

Customer Reviews

A Kiss for Rabbi Gabrille is one of the best books I've read, and I've read hundreds. The suspense mounted and carried you right through the book.

- Len

One finishes Destiny's Children with perhaps fiction's greatest reward, a lasting permanent understanding and appreciation of this period and location in America's ultimate unification.

- Kent

Destiny's Children's three main characters are immensely likable, and the challenges that they face are extraordinary and engaging. .

- Stephen

Roger Herst, a rabbi and a previously published and accomplished novelist, really knows about Jewish congregations, rabbinical politics, women's issues, and how to tell a great story.

- Bader

Mr. Herst has created a strong, intelligent, yet vulnerable character in Rabbi Gabby Lewyn. His insights into the politics and intrigues of a synagogue were of special interest to me.

- Mary