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So, You Want To Write A Fiction Series?

Interested to write a serial novel? First, ask yourself if you believe you can sustain a story for multiple books. People often tell me how much they want to write a novel. I ask them to tell me the outline Read More →

How To Truly Find Happiness

Stop worrying about being happy. Perish the thought from your mind that perhaps you aren’t happy. The pursuit of happiness is a pathetic quest for dozens of reasons, mainly because it’s chasing your shadow and that’s bound to make you Read More →

When Kindness Doesn’t End Well: Reflections on Refugee Crises in Europe

Most people would agree that politicians suffer from a universal sickness – hypocrisy. I submit that they suffer an even more significant disease—shortsightedness. They way people are elected in the world’s democracies narrows their views to the next coming election. Read More →

Visiting Nunavut

Visiting Nunavut In 1999 the Canadian Government did something extraordinary. It gave to its indigenous Inuit people 3/5ths of the Northwest Territories as a self-governing territory. That, according to my calculation, is the largest grant of land bestowed upon an indigenous people Read More →

Demonizing of Political Opponents

Have you noticed your friends saying terrible things about those with whom they disagree? “Those disgusting, black hearted Republicans”…”Those moronic liberal Socialist Democrats.” First, such vilifications are gross generalizations, smelling of human prejudice that we find obnoxious when speaking of Read More →

The Idea of Refuge

The Bible provides for cities of refuge where individuals fearful for their lives may be protected. We Jews felt that during World War II, free nations, such as the United States, had turned a cold shoulder to Jewish refugees seeking Read More →

Customer Reviews

A Kiss for Rabbi Gabrille is one of the best books I've read, and I've read hundreds. The suspense mounted and carried you right through the book.

- Len

One finishes Destiny's Children with perhaps fiction's greatest reward, a lasting permanent understanding and appreciation of this period and location in America's ultimate unification.

- Kent

Destiny's Children's three main characters are immensely likable, and the challenges that they face are extraordinary and engaging. .

- Stephen

Roger Herst, a rabbi and a previously published and accomplished novelist, really knows about Jewish congregations, rabbinical politics, women's issues, and how to tell a great story.

- Bader

Mr. Herst has created a strong, intelligent, yet vulnerable character in Rabbi Gabby Lewyn. His insights into the politics and intrigues of a synagogue were of special interest to me.

- Mary